Free Delivery

Home delivery of all prescription and over the counter medications! While we are there we will also check up on you or your family member to make sure they are doing okay.

Medical Advice

Pharmacist, Arun Tandon, is ALWAYS available to answer your questions and to offer medical advice.

Compounded Medication

Compounding is the process of creating a drug product by mixing ingredients. There are several benefits to compounding from drug delivery to reduced side effects. For questions on our compounding services, give us a call.

Hassle Free Prescription Transfers

You don’t have to do a thing, we will call your doctor or pharmacy to transfer your medications to Advanced Health Pharmacy and you can begin to get great, personalized service from us.

After Hours Service

Need something right away? No problem, just give us a call and leave a message at 269-271-2561 and one of our staff members will call you back promptly. We are available for you any time, any day.


7 Day Med-Pak

Set up your medication needs for the entire week with our 7 day Med-Pak. Call us to find out how you can have your medications organized for you.

Flu Shots – Now Available for $29.99.  Shingel's and Pneumonia shots available   

Flu care for the whole family – flu vaccines are available and covered by most insurances. Call us to schedule your vaccination or just walk in.

Medication Management

We specialize in setting your medications so that you get all your medications on time each month. We will call your doctor when prescription refills are due so you never have to worry about running out of your medicine.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Stop in and get your free blood pressure reading.

We’re here for you

Arun Tandon, R.Ph

Arun Tandon, R.Ph

Advanced Health Pharmacy
7916 Oakland Dr. 
Portage, MI 49024
(Corner of Centre and Oakland)

Phone: 269-324-1100

Fax: 269-324-2809


Pharmacy Hours:
Monday - Friday 9a.m. – 6p.m.
Saturday 9a.m. – 1p.m.
Closed on Sunday.

Delivery Hours
Monday to Friday 9a.m. – 9p.m. 
Saturday 9a.m. – 4p.m. 

24/7 Service Available: 
For Urgent Requests Contact Pharmacist, Arun Tandon, at